CORE Corporate Advisors have worked with a multitude of franchise concepts in many different capacities. Whether you are looking to sell a franchise or buy a franchise, CORE can help you make an informed decision. The key to any success starts with a well-developed plan that is sound, economically viable and complete. Based on these best practices, the professionals at CORE will develop a plan that is right for you.

CORE has a proven franchise process that has been developed over many years of working with both franchisees and franchisors. A multi-faceted viewpoint has allowed us to gain insight into how to best approach different franchise models:

  1. Identify the needs and goals of our clients
  2. Define the goals and objectives of the clients
  3. Brainstorm & collaborate verifying the goals and objectives
  4. Identify opportunities within the market to meet the objectives and goals of the franchisees
  5. Act decisively on chosen opportunities
  6. Evaluate outcome

Using this process, CORE will work with you to narrow your search and find the perfect match.


When considering selling your franchise business, it is important to understand the dynamics, market conditions, restrictions, confidentiality and tax consequence related to the process. A professional business broker at CORE Corporate Advisors can help you navigate the sales process, and help you achieve your goals and objectives. At CORE we understand that maintaining confidentiality is of the utmost importance when selling a business. Our policies relating to confidentiality conform to industry standards and represent the utmost in ethical ideals. Our commitment to the franchisee is that we will work diligently to provide the most effectual strategy for your needs. Call a CORE Corporate Advisor Business Broker today.